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With technology evolving rapidly, customer expectations and industry standards are driving in greater automation and innovations to deliver high quality products. Moreover enterprises are working hard to stay ahead of the technology curve in today's highly competitive markets. There is a demand for higher standards of quality, faster time-to-market and quicker adaptation to the changing external environment - all this with a shrinking R&D budget. For a long standing relationship with customer organizations need to engage with them at every step of the product engineering process.
Product engineering services address the needs of the customer across the lifecycle of products from develop requirement stage to deploying of a fully functional product with complete product support.

Challenges in Product Development

Industries are continuously challenged with evolving technologies, innovation cycles, product re-engineering, manufacturing process optimization and design costs. Apart from that other challenges include:

  • Integrating on premise with SaaS
  • Accelerating release schedules
  • Bring product on time to market
  • Keeping pace with rapid innovation
  • Adopting new technologies
  • Localization and globalization
  • Need for specialized engineering skills
  • Product migration and testing
  • Continuous product support & maintenance
  • Stay within budgets

The above challenges along with globalization of markets have forced companies to consider outsourcing their Product Engineering and Product Design services. Product engineering services are delivered with specific business goals in mind, such as, broadening your base of users by adding functionality, making a user interface easier to use and lowering post implementation costs by catching bugs early.
Leverage the support of a strategic partner who can share and execute long term strategic vision of the enterprise and can help bring their products early to market. They have the required skills across industries, functions, technologies with agile development methodologies to provide world-class product engineering services across markets like Automotive, Multimedia, Telecom, Storage and Cloud Computing.

Product engineering services provided by partners, range from concept definition to development of a fully tested and certified product, ready for full scale manufacturing. Their experienced technical architects and domain specialists provide high-quality, cost-effective, and business-focused feasibility study, system architecture, design and development of hardware and software, test development, prototype development, testing, low volume manufacturing, product technical support, product sustenance and product life cycle management.
They bring vast experience in providing services s in focused industry areas. Their experienced technical specialists provide high-quality, cost-effective, and business-focused approach to Product Design, Development, and Test services. Gain a competitive advantage by building products that help customers.

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