The Secrets and the Need of Keeping Them Secret!

Author: Scottlouis
Everybody in this world has some secrets, the secrets which he or she does not want to share with anybody else. These secrets can be of any kind, can be related to some of his or her hobby, skill, emotional problem or something similar. There can be a number of things that the person would not feel comfortable sharing with anyone in the world, so he or she keeps that secret hidden in his or her heart. The person usually has some emotional attachment to these untold undisclosed things. There can be such secrets saved in the computer in the shape of different files and folders.

Not everybody in this world is confident enough and proud enough to exhibit his or her work in front of the whole world. So, they keep their masterpieces limited to them because of the fear that what would people say when they will see these pieces. These people lack self confidence and afraid of being criticized and becoming a joke to the public. However, if you have some interest in something, you would feel incomplete unless you perform it. There can be a number of examples of such talents which people hide from the world and keep them to themselves.
If you are fond of dancing you may like to lock your room, put headphones on and dance madly. You may also have some shot videos of your dance which you like to see at your leisure time. But, you do not feel comfortable in showing those videos to the world. Similarly there can be many poets who like to write poetry for none other than themselves. Poetry is an art that shows the emotional status of a person, the inner feeling. Many of the people (including me) do not like to show the world their depression; they act like they are strong enough to face anything and do not need sympathies. Such poets avoid advertise their poetries as they do not want the world to know what they are suffering from.
The other secrets that people like to undisclosed is any past relationship from which, he or she have not fully recovered. The relationship can be of some special friends or any emotional relationship with the opposite gender. There can be some snaps of the person with that person which he or she may see when the person feels lonely. These kind of secretive data is usually saved in somewhere in the computer, to keep that data inaccessible, the person may save that data in a folder that does not seem to have some sensitive data.
The person may follow the orthodox techniques of hiding and locking the files. But, unfortunately, these techniques are not smart enough to bully a person who has some expertise in computer operations. To get the reliable privacy and security of not having the data leaked, you may use Folder Lock lite that can lock and hide the data perfectly. You should not leave the activities that you enjoy doing because of the fear of being publicized and you should remove the sweet memories of the special friend or the person of your life just because of the fear of getting those memories leaked.

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