Online Backup vs Cloud Storage: Differences and Similarities

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Are you a user who considers Cloud computing and online backup services the same? However the word backup means storing of data. In terms of features, offerings these solutions are different and suits the best for certain tasks.
Both these features have been creating confusions among people who find it difficult to understand which service they actually need. We would help you understand the differences between Cloud storage as well as Online Backup.
In order to adjudge the best between the two you would have to know the requirements. If you have a computer system which is at home or even at workplace that has important data and protect from disasters then go for online backup solution.
If you have Mac in your home and a PC in your office and you carry Smartphone then you might opt Cloud storage solution. If you fall into both divisions there are service providers who fuse both.
What is Online Backup Solution?
Some of the popular service providers are SOS, Carbonite, Crash Plan, Backblaze through online ads, TV Shows and Radios. The system would copy data from the computer into a collection of Cloud servers in order to keep it secure. If you have data like statements, tax returns, letters, spreadsheets, photos and other important details on which your home, life , business depends then this is the solution.
But the fact which cannot be denied and that is both these services are getting blurred as features are being incorporated into each other.
What is Cloud Storage Solution?
Cloud Storage can be considered as modified version of the online backup solution. It offers a quick synchronization solution which allows them across multiple devices. Whatever information would like to store into Cloud that cannot be backed up into the Cloud but saved between devices which you use.
The major benefit is that all data is available on the devices that you use regularly, be it the device is a computer in an internet café, a tablet or your Smartphone.
There are several features which are important especially when it is online backup vs. cloud Storage. Let's check them out.
Storage Capacity
When you are choosing cloud storage or the storage capacity is one of the major factors that come to your mind. There are several providers of the former which offer up to 5GB of Storage on an account which is normally free. The latter gives ample storage capacity for a single machine and is reasonably priced. However the more space you require for multiple devices, you would have to be ready to give more from the pocket.  
Device Compatibility
Compatibility of device is a common offering of certain backup solution providers. This is a factor considered for cloud. You need to consider if you have many devices which are used and you want all to be compatible with online or cloud solution.
If you want information stored in cloud, to access it from anywhere then this is the feature you have to look for while choosing storage or backup services. Cloud Storage due to synchronization act as an invisible hard drive for the device you use.
This allows you to keep several features of the single file if it is edited or changed on various stages. This is required by business people, lawyers and real stage where data requires constantly versioning.
Ability to share
This is considered as the specialty of Cloud solution. But more and more backup solutions are blending with this. If you want to share data as private and public links or on social media websites then you need this.
Whatever requires power and connectivity always can get off anytime. You might lose data when this happens then you would surely like to be assisted by the service provider who is reliable and has good support service ensuring that you get it when you need it.
Simple to use
As far as storing data online is concerned then you would not require any complex functionality. An interface which does everything would be your priority.  Use a trial period just to know the type of interface.
Encryption is not for home users but important for organizations which put responsive information on the clouds. There are several documents which require high level of encryption ensuring that data is safe.
In both the cases service provider achieves a distinction based on service, pricing, support and features.   

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