14 Windows Tools to Help You Run Your Business More Efficiently

14 Windows Tools You Are Not Using But Should
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Microsoft Windows 10 is packed full of features to enhance your PC EXPERIENCE. We have selected the best Programs available to help you realize your computer's full potential and boost your productivity.
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1: OneNote

Take notes, sketch ideas, make to-do lists and capture web pages or articles.
Key Features: Sharing notebooks and editing together in real time.

2: Sticky Notes

Smart post it's on your desktop for writing down just about anything.
Key Features: Setting reminders from your to-do lists.
How To Use: After you have launched the App, Hit the small "+" in the top left of a note and another will appear.

3: Windows Ink

With a digital pen, access loads of cool features, like Intelligent Sticky Notes, Sketchpad and Screen Sketch.
Key Features: Screen sketch, Capturing what's on your screen, writing on it and sharing it.

4: Cortana

This virtual assistant has moved to your PC where you can type commands and question and get it to do just about anything. This is also my favorite feature in Window 10 or on my Lumia Phone.
Search facility in Windows 10 now includes a digital Virtual Assistant - Cortana. It can help you search, schedule your meetings, dictate an email and even remind you to leave earlier if there's traffic.
Key Features: Track flights and packages.
How To Use: Type I the bottom left the bar.

5: Contact Support

Allows you to contact Microsoft support directly through online tips and live chats.
Key Features: Live support chats.

6: Task View

It takes all the apps you have running and "Spreads Them Out" so you can see all of them at the same time.
Key Features: Screens are held on a permanent screen before you select which app you want to go back to.
How to Use: Hit Windows key + Tab.

7: GodMode

Puts all your settings and configurations in one place and sorts them into categories.
Key Features: Creating one location for your settings.
How to Use: Create a new folder and name it, God More,{ED7BA470-8E54-464E-825C-99712O43EO1C}

8: Snipping Tool

Take Segmented screenshots of your screen, quickly and easily.
Key Features: Snipping only a section of your screen, instead of the whole desktop.
How to Use: Select "New" on the tool and drag the cursor around the area you want to capture.

9: Dark Mode

Change your apps from light to dark and give your eyes a rest in low-light conditions.
Key Feature: Displaying backgrounds black instead of white.
How to Use: Hit the Windows key + I and select "Personalization" choose "Colors" and finally, under "App Mode" choose "Dark".

10: Windows Hello

Allows you to log into your Pc faster by recognizing your face or reading your fingerprint.
Key Feature: Logging in less than 2 secounds (3 times faster than a password).

11: People

Instead of managing multiple separate address books, you can use People App to access all your contacts in one place.
Key Feature: Seeing your friends latest social media activity.
How to Use: You can add your Gmail or Outlook contacts by clicking the ellipses at the top right of the search field, choose "Settings" and then click "Add an account".

12: Offline Map

Offline maps in the "Maps App" allows you to download maps onto your device and use without a connection.
Key Feature: Using the "Get Directions" feature.
How to Use: Hit the Windows key + I click System and select Offline maps.

13: 3D Builder

Make your own 3D models from scratch.
Key Feature: Taking a picture with your webcam and making it 3D.

14: Game DVR Video Capture

Take video captures of your screen - for recording game clips or other programs.
Key Feature: Capturing only the app you want to record, not the whole desktop.
How to Use: Press the Windows key + G.

Microsoft is hiding a lot of cool features for you to use. Remember to keep updating your computer for any other nifty programs that could enhance your windows world!

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