Google News Feed Got a Redesign (Tech News)

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Feed of Google News Got a Redesign

Google News in the feed will look according to user’s inter-communications with Google, like search records, points users pick and trending developments throughout a user’s location.

Google News is looking different today: 
That’s because Google today launched a major redesign of its news aggregation site that brings it in line with the rest of its services and removes a lot of the clutter that accumulated over the years.

The feed is available in the Google App for iOS and Android, and could probably keep users who may differently scroll through Facebook’s data feed in Google’s app longer.

Google News Feed Redesign
  • Google’s feed is related to Facebook’s in purpose, but minus many social elements. Content doesn’t surface according to what something in a user’s social circle is studying or have shared, and there aren’t native uses for expressing or liking a post.
  • Promoting a variety of viewpoints on the feed could be a competing differentiator. Facebook has frequently been scrutinized for surfacing content that strengthens people’s worldview. This results, in part, because of the political nature of Facebook, and the opportunity that like-minded associates will share content that you match with. Google’s emphasis on supporting multiple viewpoints could draw people to its feed over Facebook’s.
  • Excluding the “echo chamber” seems to be one of the users of Google’s new feed. The Google feed features “deeper context and under exploration” to accounts, displaying a handful of viewpoints from several sources, as well as related news and articles, under a news story.
  • But the loss of social opinions on Google’s feed limits its capacity to challenge Facebook. Part of what gives Facebook’s news feed attractive is the personal support and comments that users frequently add to stories they share. Google’s feed won’t interest to people users who value becoming their friends’ commentary on given links within a news feed.

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