Equifax Hacked - Hackers Demand a $2.5 million Bitcoins Ransom for not releasing the Data

600 Bitcoins is Being Demanded by Hackers Who Hacked Equifax as a Ransom for not releasing the Data

600 Bitcoins is Being Demanded by Hackers Who Hacked Equifax as a Ransom for not releasing the Data. That’s is the information according to an onion website, whose writers require that if Equifax forks over 600 Bitcoin roughly $2.66 million at the moment of this writing then erase all the stolen data.

Oh, and Equifax rightly decide quickly, because if the payment isn’t paid, the self-identified hackers say they’ll drop all the data on September 15th. For more these kind of News Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter.

Well, about all of the data. The thought hackers wrote that they won't openly post credit card numbers implying an aim to get some illegal use out of those.

"We are two persons attempting to solve our lives and those of our families," the site explains. “"We didn't expect to get as much data as we did, nor do we want to attack any citizen. But we need to monetize the data as soon as possible."

Now, you'd be wise to be skeptical of these cases, after all, it’s pretty simple to throw commonly a website and pretend to be a hacker. But, there’s a twist: In a letter directed to Equifax, the authors say they can prove they’re legit.

["Request a particular part or a specific data from an email that answers to Equifax and we will send it to you," the group explains.]

News reached out both to Equifax and the body or persons behind the onion website, but haven’t got a reply from either as of press time. We’ll renew the article this when and if we hear back.

Hackers Demand 600 BTC Ransom
The purported hackers, while, appear to not be outwardly a sense of humor albeit, a puzzling one. That 600 BTC payment equalling roughly 2.6 million dollars? Here's how they pretend to have arrived at the number.

"Equifax officials sold 3 million bucks in shares taking advantage of their insider data after the attack,” notes the site. “We think that 600 BTC is a fair amount."

"We are not going to give interviews, our only intention is to solve this issue with EQUIFAX," they wrote.

"We do not have expectations to collect anything so on the 15th September, everything will be published except the credit cards."

Importantly, the email address used by the group references the "national shitposting agency", which security reporter Catalin Cimpanu of Bleeping Computer writes (is linked to a notorious group of 4chan pranksters). This, of course, suggests whoever is behind the site might just be screwing with people for the fun of it.

While it's too early to tell if this group is the real deal or just some scammers trying to make a quick few (million) bucks, ransoming hacked data is very much a thing. And on September 15, 143 million Americans may find out just how authentic this crew is. "Here's hoping Equifax is paying attention".

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