How to Use #Hashtags To Increase Your Online Presence

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How to Use #HASHTAGS To Increase Your Online Presence

I totally agree - if you make your hashtags relevant and even better - funny or interesting. You will certainly see some great results.

Bonuses along with the hashtags are a great addition as well - such as the contests or events.
Just don't overdo it! It can bite you square in the ass! 😀

Hashtags are user-controlled category marking for posts on most social media plateforms.
"It's not just for Twitter anymore!" Strategic, consistent use of hashtags is and effective way to create and expand "buzz" for your brand, organization, event or cause - or even yourself!

3 Benefits To Hashtags:

  1. Gain Followers:
    Great hashtags hvae allowed online users to gain thousands of followers in a few days. But you must properly manager conversations to provide relevant information and keep discussion on topic.
  2. Improve Reputation:
    A history of managing trending topics encourages others to follow your future conversations and generally build your reputation and public good will.
  3. Get Information:
    Good Hashtags help you find related conversions and interested potential followers. You can also track hashtags use to monitor impact.

4 Hashtags Twitter Stats:

The Stats below are for Twitter. but they show why hashtags are essential for creating and tracking online presence.
  1. 22% Brand engagements that are replies.
  2. 78% Brand engagements that are retweets.
  3. 92% Brand engagements that are link clicks.
  4. Tweets with hashtags double engagement rate 2X.

5 Uses For Hashtags:

Create and use unique hashtags for the following purposes. Use them on all social media posts and marketing materials.
  1. Contest:
    • Sales
    • Promotions
    • Special Offers
  2. Education:
    • Industry
    • Brand
    • Topic
    • Person
  3. Events:
    • Shows
    • Special Occasions
  4. News:
    • Current Events
    • Disasters
  5. Advocacy:
    • Causes
    • Social Issues
    • Current Topics

3 Hashtags Pro Tips:

A hashtag is only effective if people want to use it. If it's too long or vague, it won't get uused. If it's too common, your posts will disappear against the background of other conversations.
  • Make Hashtags Concise:
    • Good: #LooksLikeThis
    • Back: #HashtagsThatAreThisLong
  • Make Hashtags Conversational: (Dunkin Donuts)
    • Good: #mydunkin
    • Bad: DescribeThatSmell
  • Make Hashtags Unique: (Quaker Oats)
    • Good: #QuakerUp
    • Bad: #sad

4 Key Performance Indicators:

  1. Repost:
    How many people have reposted your or others posts on the topic?
  2. Replies:
    How many peoples are following the conversation and adding to it?
  3. Link Visits:
    If your posts contain a link, how many people have followed that link?
  4. Hashtag Volume:
    How many times does the hashtag occur?

4 Tracking Methods:

  1. Hashtag Apps:
    Leading hashtag tracking apps allow to you track hashtag use within social media platforms, across platforms or even broken down by demographics.
  2. Actual Responses:
    Follow the conversation to understand the conversation for general impressions or data gathering. Participate in the conversation to direct it and build good will.
  3. Search Engines:
    General search engines and some social media sites let you search by hashtag to see if results are positive and prevalent.
  4. Social Analytics Tools:
    These allow you to graph overall performance over a time period. Some will let you drill down to actual user posts.

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