Top 10 Best Spanish Tech Blogs 2017

Top 10 Best Spanish Tech Blogs 2017

Hello World! Today I am here to help you out about best tech blogs in spain. so, lets start our discussion. The best online sources to track the changes are Tech Blogs. its all about latest technology news and news that are updated many times a day.

So, visit technology blogs to get the latest gossips, news and events. Keep visiting blogs and get information about what’s happening in the world.

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Some of the best Spanish Tech Blogs of 2017 are Mentioned Below:

Xataka is one of the best and most visited blog in spain. It get around 15M unique users monthly. It covers tech related topics, from self driving cards to Anonymous hacker group.

It is one of the best blog in spain and the best source for tech news in spain. Here you can find interviews with founders, investors. You can know about market trends and investment rounds and all about new product launches. The amount of unique visitors are around 100K.
Barcinno is an collaborative platform sharing news, events and knowledge. If you want to stay tuned with Barcelona Tech, startups and Innovation, then Barcinno is best for you. Barcinno covers everything happening in capital.
Startup Grind
4: Startup Grind BCN:
Startup Grind BCN is another best spanish blog. Startup Grind is a Global community for entrepreneurs. They organize an event every month with a live interview to a known entrepreneur. If you can’t attend the interview they records the interview too so you can get insight. They cover news about tech trends.
wwwhat's new
5: wwwhatsNew:

wwwhatsNew is all about web technologies, Internet and Marketing. It get 45% of its traffic from organic search and 32% visitors come directly.
Todo Startups
TodoStartups is one of the best blog in spain. It covers all business trends. TodoStarups is all about creativity, innovations, visitors and entrepreneurship.

7: GenBeta:
It is one of the best blogging site. It covers latest technology news, automobile, smart home, medicines. The site is in spanish but you can translate it in English by google translator.
Startup Xplore
8: StartupXplore:
Another best Spanish blog that covers news in Spanish and English. Here you can find new startup, unicorns, investment and new launches.
4YFN | Connecting Startup
9: 4YFN/News:
4YFN is a startup business platform. Here you can find the latest technology trends and news about startup ecosystem.
South Summit
10: South Summit Blog:
South Summit Blog is another best blog. It covers all about startup, tech, fundraising and events.

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  1. Great round of Spanish tech blogs! All of these are new to me, I am going to check them all out.

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  2. Wow cool sources of Tech news.. please share more of this because I love tech savvy :d

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