Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2018

Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2018

Salaam beautiful peoples! Are you looking for cryptocurrencies with good returns and solid fundamentals? We have sorted out some potential crypto-currencies to buy for yourselves in 2018: And for more Amazing Posts Like us on Facebook, Follow on Twitter and Subscribe to our Email service.

Ripple (XRP)
Ripple serves the purpose of currency exchange and remittance. Ripple was not even at a dollar, actually a lot lesser than that; $0.22 & touched $3.84 on 4th of Jan, 2018; an increase of 1645% points in a month.

Storj (STORJ)
The decentralized file storage service Storj was trading at around less than a $ but it increased to $2.74 on 4th of January; an increase of 100% points.

Stellar (XLM)
Founded by Jed McCaleb; the co-founder of Ripple, Stellar enters 2018 with a bang; increased to $ 0.93815 from 0.31784; an increase of 160% points, apart from these gains the team behind Stellar is very promising and well known, consisting of a diverse team of professionals and industry leaders from finance to technologists to seed accelerators also partnered with some of the biggest companies around the world such as IBM and Deloitte. You can check there team on Stellar’s website.

Qtum (QTUM)
In December Qtum was trading around $12, on 6 Jan,2018 touched $106 increased by 783% points, it has also partnered with Baofeng the Chinese video portal giant, to help achieve the world’s first blockchain Consensus Network (BCN) and build the most decentralized blockchain node network and beating Bitcoin and Ethereum with its 50,000 full network nodes comparing with 10,000 nodes of Bitcoin and 20,000 of Etherium.

There are also various coins which use Qtum Blockchain as their platform.

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