PornHub Announces It Will Accept TRON, ZenCash and Verge

Salaam and Hello to my beautiful Reader, One of the most important porn sites on the internet, PornHub Announces It Will Accept TRON, ZenCash and Verge. The decision has been taken after adding support for Verge back in April this year.


PornHub Accepts New Cryptocurrencies

In a recent blog post uploaded by ZenCash, they explain that their cryptocurrency was accepted as a method of payment on Mindgeek, the most important adult entertainment website network. At the moment, the company has different adult sites, including the flagship PornHub.

Robert Viglione, ZenCash Co-Founder, commented on the matter:
“We are excited to provide a private payment option for over 115 million daily users on the MindGeek websites! The exposure to the digital entertainment industry provides an excellent use-case for ZenCash by giving individuals the ability to pay for digital entertainment privately without fear of exposure. ZenCash uses the best privacy technology available on the market.”

The main intention is to allow users to pay for the content they consume without being exposed when they pay for it.

At the same time, this is important news for Tron, which was just able to purchase BitTorrent for $118 million dollars.

After long time of rumours about which important porn site was going to accept cryptocurrencies, PornHub confirms that it is accepting Verge for is premium services and other products on the platform.

The porn company informed:
    "The future has come. In our efforts to keep current with our community’s privacy and payment references, Pornhub will now be accepting Verge as a means of payment for services like Pornhub premium and more, on our platforms. Building on verge’s core values of security, anonymity and practicality, the introduction of this cryptocurrency as a means of payment Pornhub signifies an important foray into the future from the industry that is always on the cutting edge of technology."

PornHub started accepting Verge as cryptocurrency in the platform, but it has recently suffered from instability, a 51% attack and other situations. For example, transactions were reversed because of that.

PornHub has created a video that promotes the use of Verge on its platform. The story takes place in the year 2077 and it’s the story of a grandfather that gifts one Verge coin to his grandson. The grandfather that uses Verge explains that the revolution of payments and the price increase of Verge happened when the porn industry started to accept the virtual currency as a means of payment.

At the moment, MindGeek did not give any explanation about which could be the next virtual currency accepted in the platform. The company has in mind privacy focused virtual currencies like Monero, Bitcoin Private or ZCash, and may come to the platform in later updates.

It is also important to mention that payments should be done fast and as soon as possible.

Another virtual currency that could be accepted in the platform is Litecoin. Charlie Lee said several times that he believes Litecoin is a much more stable option than other currencies and has been operating for several years.

MindGeek explained about its future:
“It’s important that we continue to expand our crypto payment options to align with our community’s growing payment preferences.”

In this way, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other virtual/cryptocurrencies that were rumored to be accepted in these sites will have to wait, at least, a little bit longer. Furthermore, some ICOs promoting tokens to be used in the pornographic industry will have a more competitive market than before.

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