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In this post, we'll talk about AliTools. AliTools monitors price changes for products on AliExpress, Gearbest, Banggood. It indicates seller trust levels, searches products, and provides real reviews of the products you are interested in. Visit this link & Get the latest updates in your mailbox. You can also connect with us on Facebook & Twitter.


Aliexpress is the most popular Shopping site at least for the Pakistan consumer. There is no person who ordered anything from China via Aliexpress. Sellers on Aliexpress very often change the prices of goods sold, sometimes you can stumble upon a good discount.
However, not everyone wants to constantly monitor the prices of goods of interest. For such cases, an application was created AliTools, which is able to notify consumers about the reduction in the cost of the goods of interest.

To do this, you must first register through any of the social networks.


After that, the user will be able to track the goods. To add a product to your favorites, you must provide AliTools a link to it. AliTools not only supports Aliexpress, but also other sites: GearBest, Banggood, Ebay, Asos, Avito, JD, and so on.


After adding the product, the user can view detailed information on it. On the product page, there is information on the current price, how much the price has gone down since the moment of sale, as well as the price change chart.


To track the product, you must click on the button "Follow the price." There is a section "Hunting for a discount." When 50 people add the product to their favorites, application developers will contact the seller with a request for a discount.


In the settings of the application, you can configure notifications, select a region, language, currency.

On the product page, you can filter them by shops, there is also a search button. On this, perhaps, all the functionality of AliTools ends. Separately, I want to note the convenient design of the application and the lack of advertising.


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