DesignEvo Review: Finally Best Free Online Logo Maker in 2018

In this post, we will be reviewing DesignEvo, a free logo maker based in your browser or on a mobile app. We will look at the features and the creator itself to see if it is work using to create your logo. So lets get started!

Salaam Beautiful Peoples, In this post, we will be reviewing DesignEvo, a free logo maker based in your browser or on a mobile app. We'll look at the features and the creator itself to see if it is work using to create your logo. So let's get started!


⫸ Who is behind DesignEvo?

DesignEvo was developed by PearlMountain Technology Limited, the team behind one of the largest online graphic designers in FotoJet.
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⫸ Why they develop DesignEvo?

Since the launch of, we've received great support and trust from users worldwide, which drove us to think deeper - what else can bring to users, to help them accomplish their creative goals?

With the idea of making logo design simple but not ordinary, and providing the best solution to meet users’ design requirements, DesignEvo was starting to take shape.

With nearly 10 years of experience in graphic design and software development, they eventually launched their new product DesignEvo, an online logo designer, to help small companies/businesses, startups, and individual company owners create professional logos with ease.

⫸ DesignEvo Summary

designevo-logoProduct Name: DesignEvo
Product Type: Browser-based Logo Maker (Desktop software is coming in 2-3 months and mobile App is available for Android & iPhone Users)
Founder: Founded by PearlMountain in 2006
Pricing: Free, $19.99 Basic & $39.99 Plus
Best For Independent Professionals, Small Business Owners, Small Startups, Internet Marketers/Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Beginners
Summary: DesignEvo is a really easy-to-use online web-based logo maker that enables ordinary people to create professional, fashionable and catchy logos at absolutely no cost with a very little budget.
Our Rating and Experience: 10/10*
Recommended to Friends and Colleagues: Yes
  • Free to use
  • Million of Icons
  • Hundreds of Fonts
  • Fully Customizable
  • Drag and Drop interface

⫸ About DesignEvo

DesignEvo is an easy logo maker developed by PearlMountain Ltd. It makes logo design simple and straightforward and provides the most convenient experience.

DesignEvo is not 100% free anymore, simply because they have upgraded their service and they are now offering a lot more features as compared to the time when I first use DesignEvo.

In my experience, DesignEvo is perfect logo maker that can be used by anyone. Even if you do not have graphic designing experience.

It supports both desktop and mobile devices. Windows software is not available right now (They said: It is under development and you could expect it in 2-3 months.)


but doesn't worry you can also use it straight from your web browser.

It's very easy to use. Pick a template and get to work using their drag & drop editor.

In this DesignEvo review, let me walk you through how it works and how you can be a designer yourself even if you know nothing about graphics or designing.

Look at the images down below? It's a logo we created using DesignEvo for free in less than a few minutes. Pretty awesome, right?

Low-Resolution 500x500 Pixels With Free Plan
And this is the second Professional logo we created with DesignEvo for Blogiapa. Isn't perfect?

High Resolution 5000x5000 Pixels With Plus Plan
Having a right logo is very important for both individuals and organizations because it plays a crucial role in branding.

A logo is not just an Image.
A logo speaks for your Brand.
A logo speaks for your Business.
A logo is an identity of your Venture.

Your professional logo is a key piece of your identity as a brand. Not only it is a visual representation of what your business stands for, but it can also inspire your target audience to take action and finally build loyalty between your brand and your customers.

Whether you are an established business going through a re-branding process or just starting out, put thought and effort into creating a unique and eye-catching logo that truly represents you and communicates that to your audience effectively.

However, hiring a designer from Fiverr or any other source to create a custom logo for you can be very costly nowadays. It can cost up to a few dollars. That is definitely not an option for small business or individuals with little budget.

Most Important and the best thing I saw in DesignEvo while designing a few logos, they offer "500 Pixels Logo" for FREE and ask you to link DesignEvo to your blog or website.

This step is only required with the FREE trial. For the paid versions, you don't need to share it on your social media or anything else. That's a unique thing I found while other free online logo makers just give you 128pixels Logo and with company watermark.

⫸ What makes a good logo?

Defining “good logos”: What makes a graphic great?
  • Good logos are memorable
  • Good logos are distinct
  • Good logos are timeless
  • Good logos reflect your brand

⫸ The anatomy of a logo:

  • Color
  • Shapes
  • Typography
  • Emotion

⫸ You can design logos for many purposes which include:

  • Brand Logo
    Show off your unique brand identity with a special logo.
  • Club Logo
    Make a logo that embodies the spirit of your club and displays your unity.
  • Business Logo
    A professional logo design is a great way to win more customers.
  • Wedding Logo
    Create a logo to celebrate your wedding day or your business's wedding services.
  • Website & Blog Logo
    A stunning logo designed to help bring more visits to your website & blog.
  • Social Media Profile Logo
    They offer profile logos perfect for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and any other social platforms.
  • Software & App Logo
    A memorable logo can help an app be really successful and encourage downloads.
  • Company & Organization Logo
    Make sure your company stands out from the competition with a fantastic logo.

⫸ Various Design Styles:

  • Modern Logo
  • Minimalist Logo
  • Vintage Logo
  • Letter Logo
  • Cool Text Logo
Lets get to the point...

⫸ How to Design Logo with DesignEvo?

Don't worry if you don't know how to start designing your logo for your website, company or for your Facebook page. DesignEvo's free logo maker will help you create custom logos in minutes, no design experience needed. Try with millions of templates, icons and 120+ fonts immediately!

1: Choose a Template

Choose a Template to Find Logo Ideas
There are 6k+ professional logo templates arranged into 18 categories for you to choose from. They will help in a lot of creative ideas also.

2: Add Text, Icon & Shape


The next step is to add in the logo title, slogan (subtitle) and the icon you want. There are many professionally designed icons for you to choose from. You can attach multiple icons according to your preference. In addition, there are 120+ fonts for you to use.

3: Customize Your Logo

Custom Logo created Using DesignEvo
Despite people may choose the same logo template as you, the entire logo is fully customizable in terms its color, font, size, curve, background, and layer. So, you don't worry that your logo will be the same as others. You just need a little bit of creativity. And you will get better at it after some time.

4: Preview Logo

Preview Your Professionally Designed Logo before Downloading
After customizing your logo, it's time to preview your logo on different objects. You can preview how your logo looks like on the business card, letter, website, T-shirt, etc...

I mean look at these previews. isn't awesome? Wait for a second! (Kuch Logos banwani chahiyen YouTube channel k liye) I love to have pretty awesome t-shirts for YouTube Channel and stickers for Smartphone case. This design is perfect for my journey. Thanks to DesignEvo. 😎

Preview of T-shirt and Sticker
I'm really a fan of this feature that you can have a feel of how your logo will look like on different things.

5: Download Your Logo


6: Share or Link DesignEvo

This step is only required if you are downloading the Logo for FREE.
To use this logo for free, you must give credit by sharing DesignEvo on your social media, blog or link DesignEvo to your website. For the paid versions, you don't need to link to your blog/website. (We will talk about the pricing option in just a moment!)

Download your Logo
The last step is just to download the logo onto your computer. There are 3 file formats available in the zip. file, namely JPG, PNG with the background if you download your logo in the FREE version. PNG with a transparent background is now only available if you pay

⫸ How Much Do DesignEvo Cost?

The answer is nothing. It is a very simple drag and drops tool which enables anyone to become a "logo designer" for FREE.

Like we said at the beginning of this post-DesignEvo will cost you nothing. At this point, we would like to mention a few things about that.

The FREE version of DesignEvo is not a trial version. You can use it for as much as you like. You can create as many logos as you want.

The only requirement is to give credit by sharing DesignEvo on your social media profiles or copying a piece of code and paste it on your blog/website. But that’s a very easy thing to do and it will only take you a few seconds.

There are also 2 more packages (look at the screenshot below) you could purchase. The basic $19.99 and the Plus $39.99 package.

That’s not a monthly membership but a one-time payment. In my opinion, both packages are worth the money. Look at the given features and pricing chart below their prices are very reasonable.

DesignEvo Features & Plans
Alternatively, you can check out their Getting Started Tutorial for more information.

⫸ Free vs Paid Version

Free Logo Version:
  • A Free logo will be in the low-resolution file, meaning that it may be a bit blur if you enlarge it.
  • Also, the only available file is PNG with a background. This means that it's impossible to use this logo on your website. Normally, what you need is a PNG with a transparent background logo.
  • The Free Logo is just like a trial. It's impossible for you to use it anywhere, be it on your T-shirt, business card, paper documents, etc.
Paid Logo Version:
  • If you are serious about making your own desired logo, this is when you need the paid versions, either Basic or Plus.
  • With paid logos, you can download logos with high resolution in PNG form with a transparent background.
  • You're able to edit and re-download it afterward. You'll also get a lifetime support, plus your logo is print-ready. You can use it anywhere on your T-Shirts, banners, office wall or on business cards, etc.

⫸ What's the difference between Free, Basic & Plus plan?

Difference between Free, Basic and Plus Plans
So these are the files available in Free, Basic and Plus plans. As you can see, in Free plan, you'll get only PNG with a background + you have to share or link DesigEvo to your site and for Basic plan, you'll only get high resolution and original logos.

The difference for Plus plan is that you can download your logos in high-resolution with original logos, fonts and Vector PDF and SVG files. What this means is that you're able to scale your logos without losing the quality of the logo. Also, you have got the right to register a trademark.

If you're using the logo for your website and for normal usage, Basic plan is enough. But if you're creating this logo for your company/organization which requires you to create many different versions of the same logo, you'll need the font and vector files.

These Basic and Plus plans are all one-time fee for ONE LOGO. If you want to create another logo with a completely different design, you will have to purchase again.

⫸ DesignEvo Video Overview

⫸ DesignEvo Features Update

DesignEvo is no longer a exclusively "web-based" logo maker. It has now developed their own Desktop Software and a Smartphone App.


As I earlier said Windows version is under development and you could expect it in 2-3 months. And if you search for "DesignEvo" in PlayStore or App Store, you can find their mobile logo maker.

⫸ Pros & Cons

  • Super Easy-to-Use.
  • Supports Both Windows & Mac.
  • Able to Preview Your Professional Logo.
  • Your Downloaded Logos are in Print-Ready Files.
  • No Registration or Downloading of Software Required.
  • Unable to Upload your own Icons, Images & Fonts.

⫸ Wrapping up

DesignEvo is such a free online logo maker that allows anyone to style a high-end logo for his company, blog, website and social media, in a simple and intuitive way.

Next time when you need a logo for whatever purpose, strive DesignEvo 1st before reaching out to hire designers. It can potentially save your money and share your ideas with us. We are happier to hear from you.

⫸ Useful Links

Facebook Page: Click here
FAQ Page: Click here
You can download DesignEvo App: Android | iOS
Create Your Logo on DesignEvo Here: Click Here
You may have noticed that Blogiapa has a new logo. Yup, it was created with DesignEvo and I am pretty happy with it.

Logo Update
What business problems are you solving with DesignEvo? What benefits have you realized? Which part benefits you most? Share your ideas for developers, they appreciate your suggestions!

Thank you for taking the time to read through my article. Hope you find the article helpful.

I've spent weeks on this article to clear everything to you. And if you like this review please consider sharing it with your social media followers.

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Peace Out ✌️

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Blogiapa - Learn To Do More!: DesignEvo Review: Finally Best Free Online Logo Maker in 2018
DesignEvo Review: Finally Best Free Online Logo Maker in 2018
In this post, we will be reviewing DesignEvo, a free logo maker based in your browser or on a mobile app. We will look at the features and the creator itself to see if it is work using to create your logo. So lets get started!
Blogiapa - Learn To Do More!
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