How Google Chrome 70 Expanded Windows 10 Features

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Browser Google Chrome officially updated to version 70. As promised earlier, the new version has fixed a new feature that has excited many people - when you entered your login and password on any of the Google services, the entire browser was included in the account. Also, the new version blocks hundreds of popular sites, but this restriction is easy to get around.
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However, all this is not the main thing. Google Chrome 70 received support for progressive web applications that are becoming part of Windows 10 and even work without the Internet.

We have already talked about progressive web applications (PWA) in early September. We are talking about a specific group of applications that are written in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and run on any operating system.

In fact, these are regular websites, but with one peculiarity - they are able to work and send notifications even in the absence of the Internet. When they are opened, the system automatically suggests installing them into the system in order to have access to them from the desktop.

You can find PWA applications in special directories like When you open any of them through Google Chrome 70, the browser offers to install it in the system.

After installation, the service is displayed in the list of applications, but in the task manager, it is signed as a Google Chrome process.

If the installation suggestion window does not appear, you need to click on the three points in the upper right corner of the browser and select the item "Application installation" After that, a pop-up window appears in the middle of the screen with the set and cancel button.

In the current form, support for PWA-applications is implemented very roughly. As mentioned, in Task Manager, they are displayed as Google Chrome processes.
Even the appearance of the application reminds that in fact, it is a regular browser tab without the usual toolbars. Nevertheless, Google has taken an important step toward a web-oriented future.

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