Updated Google Chrome will Block Hundreds of Popular Websites

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Despite the fact that while ensuring the security of personal data, it is better to perebdet, Google has refuted the famous saying by its actions.

According to cybersecurity researcher Scott Helm, an updated version of the Chrome browser, which will be released on October 16, will block more than a thousand websites around the world.

This is due to the fact that their administrators still use outdated security certificates, endangering users who share their data with them.

According to Helm, the blocking will affect not only the websites of regional enterprises, whose owners, as a rule, neglect security, but also the websites of large organizations.

For example, the site of the Federal Bank of India, the city site of Tel Aviv, the Penn State Credit Union bank, Citrus and many others, including until recently the sites of the automaker Ferrari and a number of well-known brands.

Thus, Google plans to protect users from stealing their data, since site owners do not care about this.

How to Bypass Site Blocking?

Of course, the lock will not be permanent and non-alternative, says Helm. Users will still be able to visit the sites, however, for this, they will have to accept the Google agreement, which warns of the potential danger posed by an outdated certificate.

However, most likely, for most people, even "superficial" blocking can be a serious obstacle to visiting the website you are looking for, which practically guarantees an outflow of attendance.

Recently, Google has been paying too much attention to user security.

As it became known this week, the search giant decided to close the Google+ project due to an error that led to the leakage of data of several thousand people, as well as change the permissions system in the Android OS, making it more personalized and convenient for permanent use.

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