Download SHAREit For PC / Mac / iOS and Android!

Download SHAREit for PC; The best sharing app with fastest cross-platform transfer speed & free online feeds including movies / music / wallpapers / GIFs

Hey everyone, I hope you were fine, some time ago, sharing any data from one device to another took hours. However, innovation brought things nearer and allowed access to them even faster.

download shareit for pc windows 10

SHAREit is a free application that lets you share files and folders among smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Shareit is one such an incredible file-sharing technology that has turned transferring direct and quick. It has influenced technology users to avoid using the usual file sharing methods. Now, you can download shareit for pc windows 7/8.1/10, and you don’t need to depend on external USB or Bluetooth anymore.

SHAREit App helps you with the top of file sharing experience. Any SHAREit user could share files of infinite size at a faster rate. SHAREit does not lack any cable and transfers data wirelessly.

In this post you will find:
  • SHAREit for PC
  • SHAREit for Mac
  • SHAREit for iPhone/iPad
  • SHAREit for Android
  • SHAREit WebShare
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SHAREit Features

SHAREit is a multi-platform type of file transfer application that allows users to perform simple and easy sharing of data. Therefore, if you want to transfer files via wireless mode, you should go with the option of SHAREit for PC. The main features of the application are listed below.

  • [accordion]
    • Easy Transfer of Files
      • - It helps the user to transfer a wide range of data, such as audio files, videos, pdf file, documents, etc without having any hassle.
    • Quick Data Transfer
      • - You can send as well as receive the data in seconds.
    • Highest Possible Speed to Transfer Data
      • - SHAREit is able to transfer data at the highest possible rate i.e. about 200 times higher than the rate or moving speed of the Bluetooth. In fact, the app comes with the speed of 20M/s to transfer files. 
    • Allows Unlimited Sharing of Files
      • - Sharing of files with the help of SHAREit never restricts users to a particular number of any record or its respective size. In fact, the app suits perfectly to transfer files of Gigabyte size within a less possible span of time.
    • Remote Viewing
      • - Among the greatest features of this SHAREit app is that one can with no trouble send all the files from the smartphone to computer systems straight.
    • Back up Policy
      • - With this remarkable feature, you can recover the photos which get lost because of some coincidental misfortune. Utilizing this app, i.e., SHAREit for PC, you can store the backup of all the images too.
    • Group Sharing
      • - With SHAREit, Share files as well as data between friends. Enter the portal and start sharing with your friends.
        - Exchange files between phone and PC with the “Connect to PC” option.
    • No Need of Wi-Fi
      • - To transfer the data, one doesn’t have to use any means such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, to move the files. You can merely share the files after only downloading the SHAREit app from the given links below.
    • Platform Independence
      • - This feature allows the application to share the files between various platforms like transfers files between iPhone and Android devices too.
    • Copying or Clone it feature
      • - In this feature, SHAREit app allows you to copy all the settings like contacts, contact logs, etc. from one phone to another.
    • Support Many Languages
      • - SHAREit is able to give support to about 39 different languages spoken across the world.

👉 Download SHAREit for PC

download shareit for pc windows 10 latest version

Download SHAREit for PC is that android application which is utilized as a file transferring application engineered for android devices. The user can also use SHAREit on the desktop versions as well with an emulator installed on the PC. Undergo the aspect and feel while sharing with PC as similar to the mobile version. You could share files between PC to Smartphones and PC to PC.

All you require is the SHAREit for Windows 10 installed on both the devices. Any SHAREit user can share files like photos, videos, audio, documents, apps and significantly more from the desktop version. Drag and drop the files you want to transfer from the desktop. SHAREit for pc windows 10, No cable is required to transfer files between two devices in case of SHAREit. Indeed, even Bluetooth would come up with the speed and nature of file sharing.

SHAREit App for windows works over a Wifi connection. i.e., when a user intends to share data through Shareit App for Pc, then the application automatically scans for the available SHAREit connection. Independent of the platform, SHAREit App analyses for another SHAREit signal to build up a secured connection.

I discovered when the user could connect with the expected person to exchange data. It takes just seconds to transfer any files with any size with no loss in its quality. Similarly, one could send and get any number of files entirely for free.

👉 How to download SHARE it for PC free?

To download SHAREit for PC effectively, let us follow the steps to do so:
  1. Originally, visit the official website of SHAREit and click on the “Windows” tab to download the latest version of SHAREit for Windows. Hold up till the application got installed entirely and it will completely rely upon the internet speed.
  2. After the Shareit.exe got downloaded, click twice on the .exe file and hold up till the point that the installation process gets finished.
  3. After this step, the main window of the SHAREit will appear on the screen.
  4. You need to create an account then to start sharing the files through SHAREit.
Here we attach the Direct download link of SHAREit for PC. Therefore, you can easily download shareit for pc latest version from the given links below.
Win App Store: Download SHAREit for PC Windows 10
Direct Link: Download SHAREit for PC.exe
Mirror Link: Download SHAREit for PC.exe

How to transfer files using SHAREit from PC?

  1. Select the files you want to send to PC or Smartphone. At that point, tap on the “Send” button.
  2. Then, when you tap on the send button, click at “Connect PC” and the application will identify the (PC) to begin the process of sharing the files. Now, the receivers from the other end will have to press on the “Receive” button to receive the files instantly.
  3. After transferring the files totally, the SHAREit app will inform you that the data was received successfully.

How to Download & Install SHAREit for Windows using Bluestacks?

  1. Download latest BlueStacks Android emulator here and follow on-screen instructions for installation.
  2. New BlueStacks users can register with Gmail Account to complete the setup.
  3. On BlueStacks home screen click on the search box and type SHAREit. Click on the app in the search result list to go to its Google Play page.
  4. Now click Install for app installation.
  5. If you don’t find the app within BlueStacks then download latest SHAREit Apk here. Click twice on the downloaded apk file to install the SHAREit APK on BlueStacks.
  6. Return to BlueStacks home screen by selecting the Android tab on top of the screen and click the 'All Apps' icon on the top row. Find the app among all installed apps and click on the icon to open it.
  7. All done. Now share files to and from PCs and phones instantly.
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👉 Download SHAREit for MacOS

download shareit for macos latest version

Users are searching for the best file transfer app for the Mac PC should try Shareit for Mac. This app performs sending as well as receiving of data between two or more than two devices in a hassle-free way. SHAREit for Macbook is a great tool to deliver unlimited sharing of data for both receiving and sending purposes.

Mac users should no longer face difficulty during the transfer of files, as they can now use a free to use SHAREit application, which has obtained top rate because of its ability to transfer files, data, and application at the fastest possible rate and available on Mac, Pc, iPhone, iOS, and Android store.

How to Download & Install SHAREit for MacOS?

You have already done this, and it's nothing more than downloading the SHAREit for mac file.
  1. The very first step is to visit the official website of ShareIt and then from there, click on the Mac option from the sub-category or you can download via given links below.
  2. The next step is to simply download the file and then open it by double-clicking on it
  3. Lastly, you need to accept the license agreement and follow along with the instructions that pop up on the screen, and once you finish the same, you are good to go with using ShareIt on Mac.
You can also download SHAREit for Mac using Bluestacks as you learn from the above windows steps.

Here we attach the Direct download link of SHAREit for Mac. Therefore, you can easily download shareit for macos latest version from the given links below.
Mac App Store: Download SHAREit for MacOS
Direct Link: Download SHAREit for Mac.dmg
Mirror Link: Download SHAREit for Mac.dmg

How to transfer files using SHAREit from Mac

This task is also very simple and easy, will require a great deal of effort. Just follow the steps below if you want to transfer a file or data.
  1. You need to open the SHAREit app that we just installed.
  2. Locate the option "Show QR code".
  3. Click on that option.
  4. When the QR Code appears, click the option that says "Scan the QR Code on your phone".
  5. With your smartphone camera, scan the QR code.
  6. By doing this, the two devices will be connected.
  7. You can now send files between devices.
Note: Both devices will connect only if both devices do connect to the same wireless network or the same wireless router.

I believe that you have been able to download and install SHAREit for Mac without any difficulties and that you have been able to use SHAREit for transferring and receiving files. Am I Right?

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👉 Download SHAREit for iPhone/iPad

download shareit for ios latest version

SHAREit for iPhone is an app for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) that has made sharing simple in the cross-platform devices. If you have SHAREit App, you can easily transfer those files from one device to another. The app developed when it realizes that Bluetooth technology has failed to transfer all kind of files, and it takes a lot of time to complete the sharing process.

Later on, users face problem in transferring relatively large files, such as movies with the help of their iPhone devices. However, shareit for ios free download overcome that tension from the users, as now users do not have to spend charges on using mobile data to watch any online movie or to download it. Instead, the application allows the transfer of movies and other similar types of large files within no time and with the help of different platforms.

How to Download SHAREit for IOS

To download the SHAREit app on iOS devices, the user has to follow a few simple and easy steps, so that you ready to move ahead.
  1. Visit the App Store, open it and search, for SHAREit App.
  2. You only have to type the 'SHAREit' once you view the blue icon and you should double click over it.
  3. On doing this, the software will ask to verify the Apple ID, and later on, you have to type the password of your Apple ID, so that the download will start.
  4. Once the download of SHAREit complete, it will install and thereby, you are ready to enjoy sharing of files with the help of the respective application.
Here we attach the Direct download link of SHAREit for iPhone/iPad. Therefore, you can easily download shareit for ios latest version from the given links below.
App Store: Download SHAREit for iOS
Mirror Link: Download SHAREit for iOS

How to transfer files between iOS devices

  1. Firstly, you have to use anyone app to export songs from the Music Library of iOS in the SHAREit app.
  2. Once you get the required music or media file in the local storage of SHAREit, you may transfer it to many other devices with the help of SHAREit for iOS.

How to transfer files using SHAREit from iOS

Users willing to share files from their iOS phones to Android phones with the help of direct Wi-Fi connection, you should follow the following important steps-
  1. Download the SHAREit application on both of the devices available from the respective application stores.
  2. On the Android device, one should open the option of SHAREIt and then tap on the respective RECEIVE option.
  3. The best thing about SHAREit is that it is able to create Wi-Fi hotspot of its own in case no network of Wi-Fi remains available.
  4. Once the hotspot starts on the iOS device, you should visit the Settings and then to the Wi-Fi connection. You have to make sure to turn on the Wi-Fi connection and choose the hosted network available from the section of Choose a Network.
  5. When the iPad or iPhone remains connected to any network hosted with the help of SHAREit application on the Android device, you have to open the SHAREit app on the iOS device and tap over the SEND button.
  6. Select a particular file to transfer from the available in-app storage, videos, and photos. If the file that you want to transfer does not remain present in any of these locations, you have to import the same file in the local storage available for the app with the help of iTunes file-sharing or via Open In feature present in any other app.
  7. Once you complete with the selection of a particular file, you will be able to view the device possessed by the receiver present on the screen. You have to tap over the option of the receiver for transferring the file Shareit for ios phone free download.
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👉 Download SHAREit for Android

download shareit for android latest version

When it comes to transferring content from one device to another, Shareit appears as the best option. However, you may decide to go with Bluetooth option, but the problem occurs when you find it difficult to transform large files from one device to another. You may also not be able to enjoy cross transferring data from Phone to PC.

Do you want to get rid of all these issues? If yes, then Shearit app can be an excellent choice. When it comes to Download Shareit app for mobile, you would surely like to know whether chosen mobile OS supports the same or not. Shareit was available to download for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and even tablet. So, you can easily download shareit apk for different operating systems.

Even better, the SHAREit App has no price tag and contains no in-app advertisements. When you download SHAREit, you get a top-notch experience with no cost, as well as no interruptions. Only a complete user experience from the moment you boot it up.

How to download SHAREit for Android?

Follow the given below steps and enjoy instant sharing of files:
  1. To download the SHAREit app, you can simply go to the Google Play store, type "SHAREit" in search and further go to the appropriate option or you can download from given links below.
  2. From there, you should simply press the 'Install' button, at that point hit Accept on the pop-up that follows.
  3. Following a straightforward installation, you will be prepared to transfer files with ease.
Here we attach the Direct download link of SHAREit for Android. Therefore, you can easily download shareit mobile app latest version from the given links below.
Google Play: Download SHAREit for Android
Direct Link: Download SHAREit for Android.apk
Mirror Link: Download SHAREit for Android.apk

Download SHAREit APK for Android

If you want to Download and Install SHAREit Apk on your Android device, just follow these simple and easy steps.
  1. First, go to Settings > Security > Device Management > Activate Unknown Sources.
  2. Now download the SHAREit APK file from the given link.
  3. Once downloaded, open the SHAREit APK file and click “Install” to grant permission to begin the installation process.
  4. Done. You can now send files between devices.
Download SHAREit for Android with its superb exceptional features, SHAREit for PC has earned the attraction of the large number of iOS and Windows users who always would like to send the data in seconds.

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👉 How to use SHAREit WebShare?

shareit webshare

Although the normal method for SHAREit is to have the app installed on both of the devices, SHAREit introduced a new feature called WebShare, which works with a Wi-Fi connection.

With SHAREit WebShare, you can send files from one device having SHAREit installed to other devices which don’t have SHAREit installed. It indicates that the device which is supposed to receive does not necessarily require to have SHAREit installed.

To learn how to use SHAREit WebShare and send files through it, follow these steps:
  1. Download and Install SHAREit on the device from which the files are to be sent from!
  2. Launch SHAREit and tap on More.
  3. Now tap on WebShare.
  4. Select the files that you want to send.
  5. Tap on Send.
  6. A screen will appear that will ask you to connect to the Hotspot connection from the other device. Connect to Hotspot from the other device from Wi-Fi settings.
  7. It will then ask you to head over to or scan the given QR code.
  8. Once you do that, it will take you to the download page from where you can download the transferred files without having to install SHAREit.
Likewise, it can carry any size of data in the least time when compared with different assets. In this manner, avoid recalling the aged techniques for transferring the data either through USB cables or Bluetooth in hours and download SHAREit for PC right now.


In this post, I only publish original links from official SHAREit site, and the apk files provided from a reputable website, and mirror links are generated by myself for affiliate commission. I earn a little bit of commission from those links if the user completes the steps to Unlock the file.

When it becomes to learn how to download SHAREit for PC or other devices, you just finished a foolproof guide on Shareit application. Finally, you learn the complete downloading process of shareit for Android, iOS, PC, and other devices. I wish you like this post and also share this post on social media for appreciating my effort.

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SHAREit General FAQs

  • [accordion]
    • Can I share files between different operating systems?
      • Yes, SHAREit covers all platforms now! You can use SHAREit in all devices, regardless of operation system. SHAREit supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Windows.
    • Do I need cables, bluetooth, or an active Wi-Fi network nearby to connect to other devices?
      • No, you simply connect using your device's Wi-Fi radio. This avoids any network charges. Note: If you’re using an iOS device, then the receiving device must be on the same local Wi-FI network.
    • Is there a limit on the size of a file I can share?
      • No, but very large files will take longer to share.
    • How fast is SHAREit’s file transfer speed?
      • SHAREit is fast: it can complete the file transfer process at speeds approximately up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
    • What type of files can I send?
      • Any documents, photos, music, videos, and even apps.
    • Can I send more than one file or folder at one time?
      • Yes! You can select multiple files or folders at one time.
    • Why can't I find anyone?
      • 1. Connect to PC: First, please check if recipient has started SHAREit. SHAREit may attempt to use your Wi-Fi connection to find another user before starting a personal network. Make sure the recipient is also connected to the same Wi-Fi, if one is available. If a Wi-Fi is not available, please have the recipient restart SHAREit.

        2. Android to Android: First, please check if the receiver has the hotspot activated, then sender enter settings > WLAN to check if it can search the hotspot activated by the receiver. If the sender can't search it, the receiver should press "Receive" again. If the sender doesn't find the receiver after entering the searching page for a while, please tap the sender's avatar to refresh.
    • How can I connect Android and Android phones?
      • You can connect Android phones via Prefer same wifi mode, Hotspot, Web Share, and Group Share.
    • I have SHAREit running, but others cannot connect. Why?
      • Please make sure:

        1. You both have SHAREit launched and running on your devices;

        2. You have selected different roles, that is, one of you is a sender, and the other is a receiver;

        3. Both devices have their wireless radios turned on.
    • Can other SHAREit users connect to my device and start sharing files without my approval?
      • No, you must accept their connection invitation before they can start sharing files with you.
    • How to resolve the conflict between SHAREit and Access Connections when PC connect to PC?
      • You have installed the Access Connections program on your computer and created one or more Best Available Network profiles. If the wireless adapter is not placed at the top of the network adapter list in the profile settings, SHAREit will not work correctly. SHAREit will detect the conflict and prompt you to change the profile settings as follows:

        1. Launch Access Connections, and switch to the "Advanced" mode.

        2. Click the “Location Profiles” tab, and select the profile prompted by SHAREit. Then click “Edit”.

        3. On the window that is displayed, select the wireless adapter in the network adapter list and click the “Higher” button to move the wireless adapter to the top.

        4. Click “OK” to save the changes.

        5. If the conflict involves multiple profiles, repeat step 2 to step 4 to change the settings of the remaining involved profiles.
    • I can't transfer files though I am successfully connected
      • Try updating SHAREit to its latest version or moving to an area that may have less interference.
    • Why is SHAREit transferring my files slower than expected?
      • There are many factors affecting SHAREit’s speed, such as the Wi-Fi environment, distance between two phones, the reading speed of memory card or the operation state of the phone. Try putting the two phones closer together, close any unnecessary networking applications and move to an environment with less interference.
    • Where are the received files stored, post transfer?
      • The received files are usually saved in Memory/Qiezi, you can check this in SHAREit > Me > Settings > Storage Location. You can see the transfer record in the Transfer History too.
    • Why aren’t my music and video files playing properly?
      • SHAREit uses the music and video player to play the received music and videos. So if you use player in your phone, you must have the appropriate player to support this music and video format. The best solution is to download an appropriate player. If you use players in SHAREit, please contact us to get problem-solving methods.
    • Error message: Fail to parse the installation package
      • Your SHAREit download may be corrupt. Please download and re-install SHAREit.
    • How to make Android phone and PC connected?
      • SHAREit provides three methods for connection:
        [Method 1]
        It is recommended to use mobile search your computer:
        1. Start SHAREit on PC first;
        2. Start SHAREit in your phone-click the small icon at the top right of the homepage-click "Connect PC";
        3. Choose and tap the computer avatar, now the mobile will be connected with PC automatically.

        [Method 2]
        PC search mobile (If the computer can't start hotspot, or you don't find the computer avatar on the mobile screen)
        1. Tap onto "Connect to PC" in your phone(click the small icon at the top right of the homepage, then you can find the "Connect to PC"button);
        2. Tap onto "PC Search Mobile" at the bottom of the mobile screen;
        3. Click "Search Hotspot of Mobile" on PC;
        4. Click on the mobile avatar, then PC is connecting with mobile automatically.

        [Method 3]
        Scan QR Code to connect (If you don't find the computer avatar on the mobile screen)
        1. Click "Show QR Code" on PC;
        2. Tap onto "Connect to PC" in your phone (click the small icon at the top right of the homepage, then you can find the "Connect to PC"button);
        3. Tap onto "Scan QR Code" at the bottom of the mobile screen;
        4. Align QR Code on PC within frame to scan;
        5. Scanning completed, select the connection method, now the mobile will be connected with PC automatically.
    • How to make iPhone/Windows Phone and PC connected?
      • Make your phone and computer access the same Wi-Fi, or let mobile phone join the hotspot created by PC (Hotspots name and password are shown at the main page of PC Client)

        1. Start SHAREit on PC first, and click "Show QR Code";
        2. Tap onto "Connect to PC" in your phone (click the small icon at the top right of the homepage, then you can find the "Connect to PC"button);
        3. Tap onto "Scan to Connect” button at the bottom of the mobile screen;
        4. Align QR Code on PC within frame to scan;
        5. Scanning completed, now mobile will be connected with PC automatically.
    • How to make PC and PC connected?
      • Make sure that both computers start SHAREit (If two PCs are desktop computers, let them access the same LAN), and do the following things on one of them:

        1. Click "Connect to PC" on the top right corner menu.
        2. Click the avatar of the target computer in the searching area.
        3. Now the two computers are connecting automatically.
    • Is the hotspot created by computer safe?
      • In order to ensure the security of your computer, SHAREit has encrypted hotspot by a random password.

        You can change the password in Settings. If you do that, there is a need to enter password when the android client connects to the computer via hotspot. Users can check the setting "use the default password" option to restore the default password.

        Because of the platform restrictions, iPhone/Windows Phone needs to enter the password manually while connecting to the computer via hotspot.
    • What are the "Trusted Devices"?
      • Trusted Devices connect to a computer without confirmation on PC.
    • How to set up "Trusted Devices"?
      • Check the "Always accept files from this device” in the connecting confirmation box to set this device as a trusted device. You can manage the trusted devices on the top right corner menu.
    • Does "Connect to PC" need Wi-Fi?
      • No. Mobile phones and computers can be connected via hotspot or LAN, so Wi-Fi is not necessary.
    • How can users submit feedback on SHAREit?
      • You can find the "Help and feedback" in the slide menu of SHAREit.
    • How can I get the latest SHAREit updates?
      • SHAREit will automatically check for the latest updates.
    • Which brands of device does SHAREit support?
      • SHAREit covers all device platforms, regardless of operation system. Lenovo, Mac, Dell, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Coolpad, vivo and OPPO are all SHAREit-compatible.



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Blogiapa - Learn To Do More!: Download SHAREit For PC / Mac / iOS and Android!
Download SHAREit For PC / Mac / iOS and Android!
Download SHAREit for PC; The best sharing app with fastest cross-platform transfer speed & free online feeds including movies / music / wallpapers / GIFs
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